worst/happiest/disappointed/surprising/feelings or moments


lovable loser
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You let something like that stop you from seeing Moz?

Seriously, though, weren't there only two Chicago dates in 1997? I was at the Riviera one, where he was so sick that he stopped after a dozen or so songs. One of the worst concerts I've ever seen; you didn't miss anything.

Yes the Riv -cut short and I heard it wasn't good either, so that is of great consolation to me :p
Perhaps he was just love sick at the fact the woman of his dreams was getting married to some oily bo hunk that day :D LOLZ


lovable loser
Listen, Cor...you don't want any of this

stick figure guy is no match for a pissed off doctor phil! :p and he knows oprah!!

dude, I sense a

and this is a serious thread
:rolleyes: see you at the catfight... but not tonight
(I'm exhausted from hanging out on solo all night w/ya! LOL)
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