Would you ever cry at a Morrissey show?


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I get a little teary during Seasick and Pigsty.

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Hmm, I'm not sure whether I could well up now. Morrissey doesn't howl like he used to. I've only liked him for a few years, but listening to a Smiths boot I was directed to earlier, during 'That Joke' his shriek of '...happening in mine' really gets me. Even if he were to do that song at the next gig I was at, his voice has so changed with age I don't think it would strike the same chord that this boot is doing. Or maybe it's that the band isn't as raw as the Smiths, I don't know. :confused:


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Well...I've only seen Morrissey once and the second he walked on stage I was bawling uncontrollably. He hadn't even said hello yet!! I also started crying again during "Seasick, Yet Still Docked"

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I've cried at many Morrissey shows. I don't even recall all the songs that got me. I remember Last Night I Dreamt did it once. Seasick once. *thinks* Oh, I've Changed My Plea... That was one.

Sometimes I get misty just looking at Morrissey's face though. :[

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Me too. Just that one time which was coincidentally the closest I'd ever been to him. 'twas a magical night.

Was I there, Corrissey? They all get mixed together in my head.


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I cried during the intro videos in Alburquerque, then during Please. :tears:


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I cried after the RAH gig. I'd never seen him live before, and after following him for years I was a bit awestruck. Apparently it wasn't one of his best gigs but I loved it - especially 'Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself' which is one of my favourites. Maybe I cried because I had a really bad cold and felt a bit crappy - but in reality everyday life just seemed a bit rubbish for about a week after seeing Moz. Maybe I had PMS - Post Morrissey Syndrome...


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I remember before I even really got into Morrissey seeing him at a festival and he played There Is A Light and I found myself crying uncontrollably - I knew then that I would become a huge follower of his. The last time I saw him play Pigsty was also very emotional.

I usually find that it's after gigs that I get upset - it's as if the whole emotion of seeing and hearing him builds up and then you realise that you won't be seeing him again for a while - I usually spend a good proportion of the next day sobbing over one song or another :blushing:


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I cried at Liverpool this year!! I was going for cool and dignified but when Morrissey walked out I was a wreck! First time I've ever seen him live and couldn't contain myself....and then had a little when it all went wrong :(


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I have. At the show in Luxembourg in June. I have no idea why but during Seasick I suddenly had to. No hysterical sobbing just a few tears running down.
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