Would you let Moz shit on you?


I've sobered up and still would let him.

Not on my face I don't think. Maybe on my chest or feet.

But would you share a hotel room with him in Lima?

Would you ask him to suck your toes when he's...y'know....on your feet.

What about armpits? Then wank him off with some arm pump action on the fecal deposit.

Are you sure about the rimming thing? Maybe time for some counselling? *concerned*
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My secret's my enzyme.
Probably not safe in the eyes. Anywhere else is fine, whatever turns him on.

I'm thinking maybe it's never safe to have poop in your mouth. Unless you're a dog and it's cat poop. Still, if you take anything away from this thread it's don't put anyone's poop in your mouth.


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Re: Robby would be proud

i would just like to state that I have been permanently damaged by this thread. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
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