Year of Refusal VINYL


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I bought mine at the local indie record store the other day. A couple people on here mentioned that it is a "nice pressing," but when I listened to it I was underwhelmed. Sounded like a dodgy transfer to vinyl in terms of quality. HOWEVER, I own the US Lost Highway version of the vinyl, and was wondering if the UK vinyl might sound better.

Anyway will have to do a headphones listen as well. Anyone else have any thoughts on the vinyl and its quality?

- J


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Hasnt arrived. Im not pleased. At all.

Anyone else order off amazon?

Yes - mine was here on Monday - chase them up - its beautiful to have.

(yes I have vinyl addiction - its great for the senses)


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The UK version has brilliant quality.

And I have heard from various creatures dwelling under racks of shelves that an unspecified number of people are having trouble with SIDE1, as when the vinyl ends, instead of spinning on the safety spiral it comes off and scraps across the middle.
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