Young pop singer Olivia Rodrigo wearing Morrissey shirt

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I’ve listened to Driver’s License. It’s not bad, but a triumph of production techniques rather than songwriting.

In regards to modern recording technology, Bob Ezrin once said ...

‘the good news is that anyone can make a record. And the bad news is
that anyone can make a record’


@ 1:00:001


Luji & $$ey

I just heard it ,it's horrible .
She sings in what i call constipation mode .
Why almost all of them now sing with that voice as if they were constipated?.
They are fake voices they are not natural i find it unbearable to listen to them.
The girl is wearing a Morrissey shirt....hopefully maybe she knows 2 songs......


I think I had that t shirt from 92. Was it the one with Edith Sitwell on the front?
Nope. Moz on the front. I have the Edith Sitwell one though. It’s a little rough around the edges but still comfy. His merch used to be decent quality. ;)


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I hadn't heard of her either. But now that I have, I actually like this. I can easily imagine her being a Morrissey fan, since she tries to tell a story too through the lyric.


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she's just 17 right? proud that the sad kids of my generation (myself included) are releasing heartfelt and honest music. pop hasnt been this good for a while!

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