God; A Huge Child With A Dollhouse!

I usually don't put anything out of my "personal notebook" on the interwebs, but I find this quite amusing.
Actually, I don't want to stop writing yet. I love it too much!

I don't really know what to write about though...
I'm not a great poet people will still adore after 100s of years, I don't have such a great imagination.
I wonder if Shakespeare knew that he'd still be adored after 500 years... I wish I could actually look into the future, just imagine how handy that'd be! Knowing if it's worth it, keepin' on living. Oh well, the future will always be a mistery -for me, at least- & I think that's quite poetic.

Sometimes I wonder if we're just dolls living in a huge dollhouse. Maybe we're just lead the way by enormous child-hands. It actually makes sense to me. I'd rather have a huge child controlling the world than a God! For a child has -in my opinion- more imagination as most grown up persons. We can also explain death then! The child just doesn't like a doll anymore and throws it in a -also gigantic- trashcan. Yep, I really do like that idea! God just means: Gigantic Oversized Dude & heaven is a trashcan!

Some might say I'm crazy for thinking like this, but I think it's quite a nice way of thinking. I think all artists should think like this!

So, the moral of this journal entry is: Don't live for a God or heaven, they're just a huge child and a trashcan. And enjoy the world we're living in, heaven is worse -and grosser ;)-!

Love y'all dudes!


Haha, so I'm not so very weird in my way of thinking? :D I love your idea, I don't know why, but I always imagine that we're just some child's toys. A spoiled child's toys :p Life is large, but that's what makes it interesting, there's still a lot of things to discover for us! :)
Haha, they do the same to me, the also call me zombie though. If I was a zombie I'd already eaten them :p Yeah, and quite a lot people say things like "God is with you", but how can one man be with millions of people at the same time? I could also imagine a kitten playing with some wool, and we're the insects that are in it XP

Oh yes, I want to live a hippie life. I just want a buss and then just wander through the world. :)

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