Fantastic Bird

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Remastered Edition cover
Name Fantastic Bird
Album/single Southpaw Grammar (Remastered)
Length 2:53 (Outake = 3:03)
Writer/composer Morrissey/Whyte
Producer Mick Ronson
Release April 2009 & for RSD, August, 2020
Recorded Spring 1992


  • A studio outtake version of this song (3:03) is available on the Revelation bootleg LP.
  • This was sourced from the aborted reference disc CD-R of Your Arsenal.


So then you've found your place You say: "I wanna be the first stand-up comedian in outer space"

Foot down in a fantastic bird, fantastic bird Space is gonna thrill you Space could even kill you But space will never love you like I do

Reflecting light down to earth Oh, yes - and then some humor, too Just enough to make us know we don't miss you

Have you checked suspension in the fantastic bird, fantastic bird? Science engulfs you Science then propels you But science will never love you like I do

What brings you down to earth? - Oh, yes, of course - Yes, yes, it was a lack of applause

Scrap metal for a fantastic bird, fantastic bird Science propelled you Science still engulfs you But science will never love you like I do

'Cos when you land All you want to hear is my voice: "Hello, well done, I love you" Don't you see? Don't you see?


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Play count (Morrissey concert): 4

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