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==Live Recordings==
An unofficial live recording of this show exists and has circulated in various formats and on filesharing sites. This show is of note because it featured a work-in-progress version of Barbarism Begins At Home, performed over a year before the album version was released, and featuring noticeably different/additional lyrics.
Source: Audience<br>
Grade: C (good)<br>
1. Hand In Glove<br>
2. Still Ill<br>
3. Barbarism Begins At Home<br>
4. This Night Has Opened My Eyes<br>
5. Pretty Girls Make Graves<br>
6. You've Got Everything Now<br>
7. What Difference Des It Make<br>
8. Miserable Lie<br>
9. This Charming Man<br>
10. Back To The Old House<br>
11. Reel Around The Fountain<br>
12. Handsome Devil<br>
13. Accept Yourself<br>
14. This Charming Man (again)<br>

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