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Lucky Lisp

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Name Lucky Lisp
Album/single The_Last_Of_The_Famous_International_Playboys_(single)
Length 2:51
Writer/composer Morrissey/Street
Producer Stephen Street
Release February 1989
Recorded Late 1988


The title may well be a pun on "Lucky Lips" by Sir Cliff Richard (1963).


When your gift unfurls When your talent becomes apparent I will roar from the stalls I will gurgle from the circle

The Saints smile shyly down on you They couldn't get over Your nine-leaved clover

Lucky lisp was not wasted on you Lucky lisp wasn't wasted on you

When your name is with the best Will my name be on your guest list? And I will roar from the stalls Oh, the balcony fool was me, you fool!

Jesus made this all for you, love You love, you love, you love He couldn't get over Your Grandma's omen

Lucky lisp was not wasted on you Lucky lisp wasn't wasted on you

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