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Oxford, England 1985-03-18 (The Smiths concert)

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The Smiths Live Concert
Tour Meat_Is_Murder_Tour
Date 18 March, 1985
Venue Apollo
Location Oxford, England
Opening Act

Set List [1]

Live Recordings

This concert was recorded and broadcast by the BBC on 9 May, 1985.[2] However, the following songs are missing from the FM broadcast: I Want the One I Can't Have, Rusholme Ruffians and Handsome Devil. Additionally, the FM version edits out approximate one minute from How Soon Is Now?.

Unofficial Recordings

Multiple FM-sourced bootleg recording of this show are in circulation. While the broadcast recording is excellent and is soundboard-derived, a good quality audience recording also exist of the complete show.

A-Kind-Of-Loving-Front.jpg This is an incomplete release of this concert. The following songs are omitted: I Want The One I Can't Have, Rusholme Ruffians, Barbarism Begins At Home and Handsome Devil.

References And Notes

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