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Andrew Paresi - Drums
* [[Morrissey]] - Vocals<br>
Kevin Armstrong - Guitars
* [[Andrew Paresi]] - Drums<br>
Andy Rourke - Bass Guitar
* [[Kevin Armstrong]] - Guitars<br>
* [[Andy Rourke]] - Bass Guitar<br>
==Live History==
==Live History==

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Name Striptease With A Difference
Album/Single Unreleased
Length :
Writer Morrissey/Langer
Producer Clive Langer
Alan Winstanley



Bending the rules of a late night card game

Where the loser removes an item of clothing You're dreading each deal, so urgent and grave Have a shufty over your shoulder Well, it's a shady game

And I want to lose Please, let me lose Oh, please, let me lose It's nothing to you, it's nothing to you

This reshuffled pack brings back the sick curse of luck Because the Ace in my hand is such a shock Exchanging King for your Two while you're out of the room Have a shufty over your shoulder Well, all the same, it's a shady game

I want to lose Oh, please let me lose Oh, Please let me lose it's nothing to you it's nothing to you

I'm cutting this Queen Well, this Six is chewed You're all undisguised I'm stuck on shoes

So have you ever met a bad winner? "Well how do you do?"

Jack! Ace! Queen! King! No! No-no! No-no! No-no!

No... No... No... They won't let me lose

I'm bending the rules of a late night card game


Live History