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2013 and 2014 format looks good. For the tour section, I originally thought of just including a brief summary and link to the respective tour pages instead of listing each date as that may be too much information on one page if it's completely filled out. - DT

Yeah, you could put the different legs and then their links would have the dates details. It would sort of be a medium big job as I'd want to make that consistent across the whole wiki. If this was something you really wanted it might be best to have an extra link to the entire years shows as it is now. One thing to think about is that the format I mention is the one that's used at PJLM which might mean it's one we don't want to use. -MR

I wasn't thinking of any major changes to the tour section as it seems to work pretty well. For this page I was just thinking of using basic links to existing data, I just don't want to duplicate lots of data as it would easily get out of sync. - DT

I think more often than not, the longer tours are going to coincide with the bigger album and single releases of his later career...which is going to mean more listings (and longer listings) for the news and the release sections. So it should even out if too much information is the issue. Take 2009 for example, it is going to have at least 9 listings for singles/albums alone which is going to make it a pretty big you're going to have a lot of empty space there for tour dates as well. - VH