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Now-defunct indie rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, initially formed as a side-project by Davey von Bohlen (vocals, guitar), Jason Gnewikow (guitar), Scott Beschta (bass), and Daniel Didier (drums). At the time of the formation, von Bohlen was a member of Cap'n Jazz, while Gnewikow had played with None Left Standing, and Beschta and Didier had been members of Ceilishrine. Beschta left the band following the recording of their 2nd album, "Nothing Feels Good", and was replaced first by Tim Burton (formerly of None Left Standing) and then Scott Schoenbeck. The band split after the release of their 2002 LP, "Wood/Water", which was recorded with bassist Ryan Weber. Von Bohlen and Didier later re-teamed in Vermont and Maritime.

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The Promise Ring was an American rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that is recognized as part of the second wave of emo. Among various other EPs and singles, the band released four studio albums during their initial run: 30° Everywhere (1996), Nothing Feels Good (1997), Very Emergency (1999), and Wood/Water (2002). Their first two albums solidified their place among the emo scene; their third effort shifted toward pop music, while their final record was much more experimental in nature. The band initially broke up in 2002 and has reunited sporadically since then to perform live, but no new material from the band has since been released. They were last active for a live performance in 2016. The Promise Ring was formed in 1995 by guitarist Jason Gnewikow and drummer Dan Didier. Cap'n Jazz guitarist Davey von Bohlen joined the band soon thereafter and became the band's vocalist. The trio remained the Promise Ring's core members throughout its history. The band has employed a host of other bass guitarists throughout its existence, but their last bassist Scott Schoenbeck has remained with the group the longest.