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Cover art
Alternate cover art
THE SMITHS Compilation Album
Name The World Won't Listen
Release 23 February 1987
3 April 2012 (remaster)
Length 59:26
Recorded 1984-1986
Writer/composer Morrissey/Marr
Producer Morrissey
Johnny Marr
Stephen Street
John Porter
The Smiths
Art work Photo by Jürgen Vollmer: "Rock 'N' Roll Times: The Style and Spirit of the Early Beatles and Their First Fans" (1983)
Vinyl Etching No matrix message
Publisher Rough Trade Records (UK)
Sire Records (US)
Format(s) Vinyl, CD, Cassette, 180g Vinyl (2012)
Chart position UK #2
Compilation Album chronology
Hatful Of Hollow
The World Won't Listen
Louder Than Bombs


The World Won't Listen is a compilation album by The Smiths, released 23 February 1987.

Track list

  1. Panic – 2:19 (Morrissey/Marr)
  2. Ask – 3:16 (Morrissey/Marr)
  3. London – 2:06 (Morrissey/Marr)
  4. Bigmouth Strikes Again – 3:12 (Morrissey/Marr)
  5. Shakespeare's Sister – 2:09 (Morrissey/Marr)
  6. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – 4:02 (Morrissey/Marr)
  7. Shoplifters Of The World Unite – 2:56 (Morrissey/Marr)
  8. The Boy With The Thorn In His Side – 3:15 (Morrissey/Marr)
  9. Asleep – 4:09 (Morrissey/Marr)
  10. Unloveable – 3:54 (Morrissey/Marr)
  11. Half A Person – 3:35 (Morrissey/Marr)
  12. Stretch Out And Wait – 2:44 (Morrissey/Marr)
  13. That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore – 3:49 (Morrissey/Marr)
  14. Oscillate Wildly – 3:26 (Morrissey/Marr)
  15. You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby – 3:30 (Morrissey/Marr)
  16. Rubber Ring – 3:46 (Morrissey/Marr)

Discogs Information


  • Art Direction [Art Coordination] - Jo Slee
  • Bass Guitar - Andy Rourke
  • Drums - Mike Joyce
  • Guitar, Music By - Johnny Marr
  • Lacquer Cut By - Tim Young
  • Layout - Caryn Gough
  • Photography By - Jurgen Vollmer
  • Producer - John Porter
  • Producer - Johnny Marr
  • Producer - Morrissey
  • Producer - The Smiths
  • Voice, Words By, Sleeve - Morrissey


Includes glossy inner sleeve with printed lyrics.

The labels are black with grey text in the classic Rough Trade layout. On most copies the name of the band at the top and the legal credits around the edge of the labels are light blue, but in some cases they appear in white.

℗ 1986 Rough Trade Records Ltd. © 1986 Warner Bros. Music Ltd. Made in England


R-418263-1496307434-4381.jpeg.jpg R-418263-1122393781.jpg.jpg R-418263-1562000887-4272.jpeg.jpg R-418263-1562000887-9450.jpeg.jpg R-418263-1332776935.jpeg.jpg R-418263-1430161996-5564.jpeg.jpg

Discogs information (additional release)


Tracks: 1. "Panic" (Single A-side) 2. "Ask" (Remix of single A-side) 3. "London" (B-side of "Shoplifters of the World Unite") 4. "Bigmouth Strikes Again" (From The Queen Is Dead) 5. "Shakespeare's Sister" (Single A-side) 6. "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" (From The Queen Is Dead) 7. "Shoplifters of the World Unite" (Single A-side) 8. "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side" (Single A-side version) 9. "Asleep" (B-side of "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side") 10. "Unloveable" (B-side of "Bigmouth Strikes Again") 11. "Half a Person" (B-side of "Shoplifters of the World Unite") 12. "Stretch Out and Wait" (Alternate vocal version of B-side of "Shakespeare's Sister") 13. "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" (Single A-side edit) 14. "Oscillate Wildly" (B-side of "How Soon Is Now?") 15. "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby" (UK mix of aborted single A-side) 16. "Rubber Ring" (B-side of "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side")

Recorded between January 1985 and September 1986. All songs recorded in England.

℗ 1986 Rough Trade Records Ltd © 1986 Warner Bros. Music Ltd

Catalog number is ROUGH CD101 on the spine, ROUGH CD 101 on the disc, and CD101 on the booklet and tray backs.

First pressing CDs made in France by MPO. (this entry) Later pressings in the UK are mastered by Nimbus.


R-486491-1121782669.jpg.jpg R-486491-1249982555.jpeg.jpg R-486491-1249982567.jpeg.jpg R-486491-1249982575.jpeg.jpg R-486491-1278284743.jpeg.jpg R-486491-1278284751.jpeg.jpg R-486491-1278284758.jpeg.jpg R-486491-1278284773.jpeg.jpg R-486491-1278284938.jpeg.jpg R-486491-1249982584.jpeg.jpg R-486491-1278284781.jpeg.jpg R-486491-1278284788.jpeg.jpg

Discogs information (additional release)


Recorded between January 1985 and September 1986. All songs recorded in England.

Black cassette shell, black paper labels.


R-645590-1179609913.jpeg.jpg R-645590-1179609921.jpeg.jpg R-645590-1179609929.jpeg.jpg R-645590-1179609952.jpeg.jpg

Discogs information (additional release)


Includes glossy inner sleeves with printed lyrics. Pressed on heavyweight vinyl.

Made in the E.U.

Label does not appear anywhere on the release.

Unlike original LP and CD pressings, 'The Boy With The Thorn In His Side' here is the album version from 'The Queen Is Dead'.


R-4150847-1565855791-5497.jpeg.jpg R-4150847-1565855792-5601.jpeg.jpg R-4150847-1565855792-8525.jpeg.jpg R-4150847-1565855792-6267.jpeg.jpg R-4150847-1565855793-1544.jpeg.jpg R-4150847-1565855793-9550.jpeg.jpg R-4150847-1565855793-5909.jpeg.jpg R-4150847-1565855794-9127.jpeg.jpg R-4150847-1565855794-2985.jpeg.jpg

Wikipedia Information


The World Won't Listen is a compilation album by English rock band the Smiths, released in the United Kingdom on 23 February 1987 by Rough Trade Records. The album is the second of three compilation albums—following Hatful of Hollow—released by the Smiths in the 1980s. It reached No. 2 on the UK Albums Chart, staying on the charts for 15 weeks.