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This Is Morrissey

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Cover art
Cover art (US)
MORRISSEY Compilation Album
Name 'This Is Morrissey'
Release 06 July 2018
Art work Esteban and Evans
Publisher Regal/Parlophone (Europe), Sire (US)
Format(s) Vinyl, CD, Digital
Chart position N/A
Compilation Album chronology
Very Best Of Morrissey
'This Is Morrissey'

Track list


[Regal/Parlphone 0190295626167]

  1. The Last Of The Famous International Playboys – 3:36 (Morrissey/Street)
  2. Ouija Board, Ouija Board – 3:46 (Morrissey/Street)
  3. Speedway – 4:27 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  4. Have-A-Go Merchant – 2:41 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  5. Satellite Of Love (live) – 3:46 (Reed)
  6. Suedehead (Mael Mix) – 3:35 (Morrissey/Street)
  7. Lucky Lisp – 2:48 (Morrissey/Street)
  8. Whatever Happens, I Love You – 3:03 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  9. You're The One For Me, Fatty (live) – 3:05 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  10. Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together – 1:40 (Morrissey/Street)
  11. Jack The Ripper – 3:24 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  12. The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye – 5:32 (Morrissey/Nevin)
  13. Everyday Is Like Sunday – 3:33 (Morrissey/Street)


"Angel, Angel Down We Go Together" is not included in the CD released in Europe. "Speedway", "Lucky Lisp" and "Angel, Angel Down We Go Together" are not included in the CD released in the US.