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A Morrissey hand-answered profile that Rough Trade Records faxed to Countdown Magazine - an Australian music magazine (fax not dated).
Surfaced recently as it was part of a lot auctioned by Omega Auctions on behalf of Geoff Travis
(Shared by Alan Armstrong on Facebook)

The profile is included in the Meat Is Murder UK and Scotland Tour Programs, with some modifications.

Countdown Magazine (Australia) - Profile

Real Name: Morrissey

Born Place / Date: Manchester, England

Siblings: None

Height: Almost Six Foot

Weight: Ten Stone

Eyes: Vivid Blue

Hair: Brown

Previous Occupation(s): None

Previous Band(s): None

Fave Colours: Blues, Greens

Favourite Food: Bread, Yoghurt, Fruit

Hobbies: Reading, Films

Ambition In Life: Immortality

Self Description: Clumsy, Inverted, Shy, Awkward, Genius

High Point Of Career: Countdown Profile

Favourite Films: "Saturday Night And Sunday Morning" (1960)

Favourite Actor: Ralph Richardson in "Long Day's Journey Into Night" (1963) or Charles Laughton in "Hobson's Choice" (1953)

Favourite Actress: Marjorie Rhodes in "The Family Way" (1966)

Person You Would Most Like To Meet: Margaret Rutherford or Alastair Sim

Most Important Possession: Collection Of Oscar Wilde Books

Most Hated Record: "Do They Know Its Christmas?" (Band Aid)

Favourite Bands: James, Ludus

Favourite Singers: Timi Yuro, Shirley Bassey, Sandie Shaw

Favourite L.P.s: "Chelsea Girl" and "Desertshore" (Nico)

Favourite Single: "Fire Of Unknown Origin" (Patti Smith)

First Record Ever Bought: "Come And Stay With Me" (Marianne Faithfull 1965)

Likes: Books, Especially About Film

Dislikes: Meat, Cigarettes, Breakdancing, Anything "Modern"

Favourite Animal: Johnny Marr

Favourite Person: Tibby, My Cat

Heroes: Billy Fury, Oscar Wilde

Villains: Von Thatcher (see: Margaret Thatcher), Von Reagan (see: Ronald Reagan)

Greatest Embarrassment: Falling Offstage During First Song In New York, December 1983

Self-confession: Leather Shoes

First Romance: Still Waiting

Favourite Fun Thing To Do: Sleep, Dream, Plot, Contemplate

Meat Is Murder Tour Program - notable differences

Siblings: Jacqueline

Favourite Drink: Tea

Hobbies: Books

Self Description: Unprepossessing

High Point Of Career: Not meeting Royalty

Favourite TV Programme: Coronation Street (1960's and 70's)

Favourite Actor: Added Alec Guinness in The Ladykillers (1955)

Favourite Actress: Added Margaret Rutherford in "The Happiest Days Of Your Life" (1950)

Person You Would Most Like To Meet: Parker Tyler

Most Important Possession: Common Sense

Favourite Singer: Timi Yuro

Favourite L.P.s: Added "The End" (Nico)

Favourite Single: Added "Death" (Klaus Nomi)

First Live Gig Attended: T. Rex, Bellevue, Manchester 1972

Likes: Films, books, moderation, conversation, civility

Dislikes: Meat, cigarettes, breakdancing, fads, videos, modern pop stars, cowards, sexism

Favourite Animal: Cats

Favourite Person: Fatso Wilde (see: Oscar Wilde)

Heroes: Alastair Sim, Shelagh Delaney, Viv Nicholson

Greatest Embarrassment: Birth

Favourite Fun Thing To Do: Added fall ill

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