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The majority of the content on this page was originally copied from MuseWiki:


Welcome to the N00b Guide to the Morrissey-solo Wiki, If you're unfamiliar with Wikis that's fine, as long as you know the basic conventions in a wiki you'll do just fine.

The official documentation for wikiing can be found here, believe me, its no message board so make sure you seriously understand what's going on.

Basic Editing Stuff

Always check out Recent Changes

Always check out the edit history by going on "Recent Changes" you can see whether people have edited your pages or how much of a fool you've made yourself into by doing 100 edits on one page. It's definitely a useful thing.

Edit a page

To edit a page, click on the edit button on the top of each page, apart from the main page, you're free to edit whatever pages you want, if you need to edit the main page then contact me using my talk page and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Linking to another page

Links from one page to another on a wiki is a little bit different compared to your usual "URL" links, it uses something called "interlinks" which are basically internal wiki links from one page to another. To create a link to the main page (, you should use the following syntax:

[[Main Page]]

This applies for all the pages on the wiki, it can be linked using this "Interlink" syntax to make the wiki pages easier to edit and understand.

Create a new page

To create a new page create an interlink (see above about interlinks) and click on that link, the page will be created and you can start editing that page immediately. The link should be red to indicate that this page doesn't yet exist.


This is the code for an interlink, you can use this to link to pages in the wiki. Be sure to use as many of them as possible when producing sites, if you want to create a new page, be sure to create a link to that page.


This is an image, bit different from an image tag on boards but you'll get used to it. We have our conventions on how to use it.

How do I upload images

Once you create a link to an image, you can upload the file onto the site, it'll take you through the whole uploading process, be sure to give the image a decent summary of what it is. A quick list of things to make sure when you're uploading new images onto the site:

  1. They are authorised - you have permission to use the photo and put it onto the wiki
  2. They are either jpg or png - bmps are too much, sometimes you might want to choose jpg instead of png as pngs look screwed up when they're resized due to the alpha transparencies.
    • If you upload a jpg version, upload a png version if you have one, and link to it from the jpg image. Any modifications should be done to the png file, not the jpg file.
  3. They are labelled appropriately eg MattsLeftToe.jpg for a photo of Matts Left Toe, no spaces, and the extension should be png or jpg, not PNG or JPG (looks ugly).

How do I link to videos

Use the


tag to add YouTube videos.

Example video embed:



Then there's the standard bold


and then sections

==Section 1==

which will create a nice section and title for you. Adding another = on each side of the header will create subsections. Creating sensible, semantic information trees with headers and sub-headers makes reading articles much easier - so do it.

Notes and Conventions

Before we go nuts, try to remember a few things

  1. Use as many interlinks as possible
    [[The Smiths]]
    • Don't create two identical links within the same article - this is referred to as overwikification
  2. Try to keep it neat
  3. Spell check
  4. When uploading images, be sure to label it correctly, use meaningful filenames and avoid using spaces or underscores
  5. Use the following for images
    [[Image:Filename.jpg|right|thumb|Insert Comment]]
  6. Use the right naming conventions (a section will be created for this soon)
  7. Do not steal information from other sites, use them for reference but try to keep the information original
  8. References. Lots and lots and lots of references: <ref>Citation date</ref>

Things you should consider doing

  • Create and update your user page, each user has their own profile page, shove anything you want in it, put in what roles you would like to do and what skills you've got.
  • Looking at the discussion pages; very useful place, instead of going straight into the pages you might want to do stuff in the discussion page to know whats going on at first, it's kinda like a forum except its one big post and everyone can edit it.
  • Reading up how the thing works in more details, the documents in the help page should be quite useful, it was written by wiki users so hopefully it will help.

Additional Help

  • If you have any problems, post on the discussion tabs (just another wiki page where people post their problems) and I'll get back to you.
  • When you make changes, do fill out the changes made so its easier to trace whats been going on.
  • DO NOT be afraid to use the recent changes button, you can see whats going on in the Wiki and what kind of activities has been done already, also want to check why things are deleted or moved or modified.
  • If that fails, look up the help page on the navigation bar. Theres the guide somewhere there.

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