Lyn Boorer

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Lyn playing bass
Lyn with Morrissey & band


Lyn has run Boz's website, shared opinions / news / events continuously throughout the years, and now manages all their social media pages including Vinyl Boutique.
Mother of Billie-Rose_Boorer
Lyn was a close friend of Kirsty MacColl

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The Shillelagh Sisters were a British female group composed of Jacquie O'Sullivan (vocals), Lynder Halpin (double bass), Patricia "Trisha" O'Flynn (saxophone) and Maria "Mitzi" Ryan (drums). Their music style was a mixture of rockabilly and punk rock, influenced by Halpin and O'Sullivan's boyfriends, who were, respectively, Boz Boorer (guitarist) and Phil Bloomberg (bassist), both of the rockabilly group The Polecats.