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Max Lopez


Son of Mando Lopez and cover star of Low In High School.

Speaking to Billboard Magazine in 2017, Morrissey answered:

Naturally, the monarchy is a target on the album, with Max Lopez holding up the “axe the monarchy” sign on the album cover. He’s the son of your bassist Mando Lopez, right? Why did you choose him? Is he excited about covering your album?

Yes, Max is really excited. He went into a shop somewhere and a woman said to him “I’ve seen you somewhere before,” and he said “well, I’m on the cover of the new Morrissey CD,” but she didn’t mean that. I think she was his teacher, or something.

Morrissey and Max Lopez backstage - October 29, 2019 at The Hollywood Bowl.

Max's image was used on pop-up shop adverts and in the album liner:

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