Oboe Concerto

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Name Oboe Concerto
Album/single World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Length 4:07
Writer/composer Morrissey / Boz Boorer
Producer Joe Chiccarelli
Release July 2014
Recorded February 2014


Oboe Concerto is a song that appears on Morrissey's tenth solo album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business. The song was produced by Joe Chiccarelli and co-written by Boz Boorer.

Further regarding the sample used.
Joe Chiccarelli was cited as saying (via Radio.com):

"He had a character not unlike Dame Edna, it was called 'Mrs. Shufflewick.' Boz, or maybe Donnie the tour manager, had a bunch of videos of this guy's performances and we were all kind of obsessed with him. He was hilarious. He did this character for some time, maybe twenty years or more."

"One day Moz decided to use it, and I remember him looking for this one particular line in the video. So, we cleared [the publishing on] it."

("Mrs. Shufflewick" is also known as Rex Jameson)


"and he spoke with his voice
while he was talking
with his mouth"

Oboe concerto
all the best ones are dead
and there's a song I can't stand
and it's stuck in my head

Oboe concerto
all I do is drink to absent friends
and there's a song I can't stand
and it's stuck in my head

The older generation
have tried, sighed and died
which pushes me to
their place in the queue

and the rhythm of life goes 'round.

The beginning of the song contains the line "And he spoke with his voice while he talked with his mouth". This line is sampled from the Mrs. Shufflewick album Live At The Black Cap.

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