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Oscillate Wildly

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Name Oscillate Wildly
Album/single The World Won't Listen
How Soon Is Now?
Length 3:26
Writer/composer Johnny Marr (Named by Morrissey)
Producer Johnny Marr
Release February 1985
Recorded January 1985


Morrissey said of the song:

"Initially the very notion of instrumentals was motivated by me. I suggested that 'Oscillate Wildly' should be an instrumental; up until that point Johnny had very little interest in non-vocal tracks. There was never any political heave-hoing about should we-shouldn't we have an instrumental and it was never a battle of powers between Johnny and myself. The very assumption that a Smiths instrumental track left Morrissey upstairs in his bedroom stamping his feet and kicking the furniture was untrue! I totally approved but, obviously, I didn't physically contribute."

NME, February 13, 1988


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