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Ruth Polsky


All formats of The Shoplifters Of The World Unite single have a written dedication to her included on them.
Wayne Hussey mentions her and The Smiths in his first autobiographical work; "Salad Daze" (2019):

"Ruth is legendary. She was the booker at NY’s Danceteria club, a multi-floor pleasure dome on 21st Street in Manhattan. Working at Hurrah’s in 1980, it was Ruth who had booked the first Joy Division US tour that had to be cancelled a day or two before it was due to start because of Ian Curtis suicide. In the two years or so that she had been working at the Danceteria she had brought New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode and many others as well as TSOM into the country for their first ever US shows. When I first met her there was talk of her managing a new band from Manchester that had supported the Sisters just a few months previously and had just enjoyed a couple of minor UK hits. The Smiths. For some reason it didn’t happen but Morrissey was to dedicate The Smiths single, ‘Shoplifters Of The World Unite’, to Ruth after she was tragically mowed down and killed by a runaway taxi on the steps of the Limelight in NY in September 1986. But that’s more than two years away from where we are in my story so we’ll rewind, shall we?"

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Born on 5th December 1954, died on 7th September 1986. Ruth Polsky was a pioneering booker and music promoter in New York City. She died after being crushed by a runaway cab on the steps of the Limelight club in NYC.

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Ruth Polsky (December 5, 1954 - September 7, 1986) was a booker and music promoter in New York City.