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William title

I believe it should have a comma, is the missing comma intentional? Existing redirect: William, It Was Really Nothing

MR: I've spent a bunch of time correcting minor changes in song names. My attempt was to make it easier to enter data and still have the links work. Other examples of this are Hand in Glove (In), Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (Please, Let), I Will See You In Far Off Places (Far-Off), To Give (The Reason I Live) (To Give). The goal was to make data input a bit easier and lessen the learning curve a bit and still have the song go to the right place (i.e. I added a redirect from William It... to William, It....). Since all of these will link back to the redirect pages and the redirect pages show everything that links to them, it can be cleaned up if we get to a point where we have less content to add and more time for other things. Let me know though since it's easy to change this stuff by going through the redirect pages.

DT: Adding redirects for variations is fine but since this was new data being input I thought it would be best if the songs could be kept consistent from the start. Is it because some of your source data is inconsistent? Since the redirects are working it is a minor issue. Thanks for the continuing updates.

MR: Yeah, the sources are inconsistent, which is understandable given that they're static rather than dynamic like the wiki. For example, Morrissey-solo always uses Far Off instead of Far-Off for the song name. Same with (To Give) vs (The Reason I Live). Since the song is unreleased yet who knows what it will turn out to be. I'll clean up The Smiths tour section when I'm done and before moving on to more Morrissey shows.

DT: Gotcha thanks. Generally if you can find the release I'd say go with that convention - it's "To Give (The Reason I Live)" on the release page at secondhandssongs. "Far Off" is pretty confusing though - on the US / other countries CDs / promo, UK promo it's "Far Off", on the UK LP it's "Far-Off". Looking at scans on Vulgar Picture. On announcements I just see "Far Off".