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Note: lines in the edit section beginning with pre or /pre should be ignored here as they are used to tell the wiki not to process the given text.

[[File:Mozipedia.jpg | right | thumb | Mozipedia]][[File:Mozipediapaperback.jpg | right | thumb | Mozipedia Paperback]]

This line defines the images that appear. You'll need to upload the images you want to use by choosing "Upload file" on the right side menu bar. Make your file names descriptive enough to be able to identify them and what they are. Also site sources.

{| id="memberbox" class="infbox wikitable"
! colspan="2" | Literature
| Name
| {{{Name |<span class="unknown">Mozipedia</span>}}}
| Author
| {{{Author |<span class="unknown">Simon Goddard</span>}}}
| Pages
| {{{Pages |<span class="unknown">544 (Hardcover)<br>544 (US Hardcover)<br>544 (Paperback)</span>}}}
| Release
| {{{Release |<span class="unknown">23 July 2009 (Hardcover)<br>28 September 2010 (US Hardcover)<br>23 October 2012 (Paperback)</span>}}}
| Publisher
| {{{Publisher |<span class="unknown">Ebury Press<br>Ebury Publishing<br>Random House Publishing<br>Plume (US Hardcover)<br>Penguin Publishing (US Hardcover)</span>}}}
| {{{ISBN |<span class="unknown">978-0091927097 (Hardcover)<br>978-0452296671 (US Hardcover)<br>978-0091927103 (Paperback)</span>}}}

This area creates the box that the information goes into.
The first line creates the color and background of the boxes.
The second line makes the word "Literature" to be centered across 2 columns.
The next line tells the software to create a new row.

From there each set of 3 lines creates one line in the table.
The first of the three indicates the section name to show the text in (Author).
The second shows the actually text to display in the first box (also Author) and finally the name of the author (Simon Goddard).
The third line tells the software to create a new row.
To insert a return in the box use the < br > command (without the spaces).


This line creates a new section with the title "Information".

== References ==

These lines set up a section to list your references.

<ref name="ebury">{{cite | title=Mozipedia page on Ebury Publishing | url= | pub=Ebury Publishing | author= | date= | | type=ext }}

This creates a reference to use. Once you create the reference (with the details you want to use swapped with the ones above) then place the following at the location you want the reference number to show up at.

<ref name="ebury"/>

Feel free to play around with this in the Sandbox