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MR: I really think we need to go to the musewiki style of having things like The Queen Is Dead (Album) and The Queen Is Dead (Song). This also applies to things like Suedehead (Single) and Suedehead (Song). The reason is to keep details about the two in separate, logical places. For example, I'm working on the tracks for The Smiths – Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals (LP bootleg). The album has an unedited version of The Queen Is Dead. When I put this in the Information section now, it shows up under the album, which just looks wrong. I'll need to go back and change a bunch of things, but it's the right thing to do.

I agree as the case shows but when a song is the same as an album there is bound to be confusion. In this case, if you put just the wikitext The Queen Is Dead and it redirected to the song it may work but in other places, it may reference the album and it wouldn't work. Usually if The Queen Is Dead is mentioned somewhere I think of the album. But in other cases, for example Suedehead I think of the song, not the compilation album.

We had the discussion of separating single and song earlier and found it wasn't necessary. The single information can be put into the song page and it appears to work, for example Suedehead. Do you see a specific use case where it needs to be separated?

MR: The Queen Is Dead and Meat Is Murder are the two main ones. Putting the song lyrics in with the album page just seems wrong.

DT: Lyrics would go on the song page. Meat Is Murder (song), The Queen Is Dead (song)

MR: I'm an idiot, missed those. Man do I have a ton of work to do now.

DT: No worries. If you want to change the link of the album to add (album) and add a redirect to go to the song page I'm fine with that, it probably is more consistent.