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I really like this. But I still think we need to standardize on SONGNAME_(song) to make the setlists easier to create and for singles that have the same name as the song we should do SONGNAME_(single). -MR

davidt: Go ahead and use SONGNAME standalone. I'll add the other redirects similar to Suedehead, shouldn't take long.

<hr\> MR: Is it possible to edit this template so that setlist comes up as a separate section to edit. Like ==Set List==

DT: The only way was to move the heading out of the set list template. That means we'll need to add it to each existing concert, I added it to Dublin 1991 and can do the others this weekend. Good call though, making it properly editable is more consistent with the other pages.

MR: All shows updated.

DT: Awesome, thanks!