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Covered The Queen Is Dead on the tribute compilation The Smiths Is Dead (1996).

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English alternative rock band founded in Wallasey, Merseyside, England in 1988, disbanded in 1999 and reunited in 2020 without original member Martin Carr.

Though the central cast of characters has been the same all along, it seems as if there's been three Boo Radleys. From nutty noise merchants to shoegazing dreampoppers to classic pop thoroughbreds gone Top 40 in the UK, it's been a long and strange path to European stardom for this Liverpool group that has never managed to crack the US.

Members: Rob Cieka: drums Simon “Sice” Rowbottom: vocals/guitar Timothy Brown: bass/guitar/keyboards

Ex members: Martin Carr - guitar, vocals, keyboards (1988-1999) Rob Harrison - drums (1988-1990) Steve Hewitt - drums (1990)

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The Boo Radleys are an English alternative rock band who were associated with the shoegazing and Britpop movements in the 1990s. They originally formed in Wallasey, England, in 1988, with Rob Harrison on drums, singer/guitarist Simon "Sice" Rowbottom, guitarist/songwriter Martin Carr, and bassist Timothy (Tim) Brown. Their name is taken from the character Boo Radley in Harper Lee's 1960 novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Shortly after the release of their first album Ichabod and I, Steve Hewitt replaced Robert Harrison on drums and was in turn replaced by Rob Cieka. The band split up in 1999. In their 11-year-long career, the band had one top ten single, the 1995 single "Wake Up Boo!", which charted at no. 9; and a number one album, Wake Up!. The band reunited in 2021, without original guitarist Martin Carr, and released a single, "A Full Syringe and Memories of You", their first new music since 1998. Paul Banks of Interpol has cited the band as an influence.