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The Crystals


Morrissey picked The Crystal's song "All Grown Up" in Morrissey's favourite 13 singles of all time (2010).

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Formed: 1961 in Philadelphia, United States Disbanded: 1967; re-united in 1971. Current Members: Delores "Dee Dee" Kennibrew (1960 - 1967, 1971 - present) Melissa "MelSoulTree" Grant aka Mel-Soul-Tree (2002 - present) Patricia Pritchett-Lewis (2005 - present)

Former Members: Barbara Alston (1961-1964) (1966-1973) Mary Thomas (1961-1962) (1966-1973 Patricia "Pat" Wright (1961-1964) Merna Girard (1961-1962) Dolores "La La" Brooks (1962-1966) Frances Collins (1964-1966) Peggi Blu (1974-1978) Louise Bethune (1974-1978) Jan Sonora (1978-1979) Neenee Sonora (1978-1979) Lisa Fischer (1980-1982) Darlene Davis (1980-1988) Gretchen Gale (1984-2001) Marilyn Ali (1989-1994) Marcella Matthews (1995-2001)

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The Crystals are an American vocal group that originated in New York City. Considered one of the defining acts of the girl group era in the first half of the 1960s, their 1961–1964 chart hits – including "There's No Other (Like My Baby)", "Uptown", "He's Sure the Boy I Love", "He's a Rebel", "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Then He Kissed Me"– featured three different female lead singers and were all produced by Phil Spector. The latter three songs were originally ranked number 263, number 114, and number 493, respectively, on Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. However, two songs were omitted from the magazine's 2010 update, leaving only "He's a Rebel" at number 267. In the 2021 update, "Da Doo Ron Ron" was added back to the list at number 366.