Years Of Refusal: New album information; Southpaw Grammar: Remastered version details; Ireland festival and concert dates - release information (May 30, 2008)

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Regarding Years Of Refusal being complete, Southpaw Grammar remaster & extra tour date.


Morrissey's new studio album 'Years Of Refusal' is now complete, and is set for a September release by Polydor UK (Universal). It has yet to be decided which Universal label will release the album in the US. 'Years of Refusal' has 12 tracks and is produced by Jerry Finn. Prior to this, Sony-BMG will issue a remastered version of 'Southpaw Grammar' in July. This album, first released in 1995, will include three previously unreleased tracks, and new artwork. In addition to the Cork Festival on June 26th, Morrissey will play a concert at Kilmainham Hospital in Dublin on June 28th.

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