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  1. Mclenarr

    Songs about Morrissey

    I've always thought New Order's Subculture might be about t'old lad. These are some of the lyrics written while The Smiths were at the height of their popularity. One of these days you'll go back to your home You won't even notice that you are alone One of these days when you sit by...
  2. Mclenarr

    Paul Mccartney/Wings ouvre overview

    I think the first Macca solo album i got was well it was either Ram,Band on the run,Mccartney or Wildlife. I remember owning Ram but i must have been buying too many 2nd hand albums and didn't listen to it properly. About 3 years ago I heard the song Backseat of my car on a radio 2 show, in the...
  3. Mclenarr

    Question to all the humans out there

    Do you actually try to be nice or do you just do whatever the hell you like so long as you feel sufficiently confident you can push on through any flack you get?
  4. Mclenarr

    Brando fisted Dean shock!!

    According to a book called Brando unzipped that i read last year Marlon Brando fisted James Dean. I wonder if Moz has read it and what he thinks. The evidence came from one of Brando's associates and it recounts how Dean could be heard 'hurting like mad but also wanting it to carry on'...
  5. Mclenarr

    Morrissey's periods

    How can mozzers career be defined by periods. This is my attempt to do it Dour Period From formation of Smiths up to The boy with a thorn in his side single Tragi-com Period From The boy with a thorn in his side single to the release of Viva Hate Irratic Period Post Viva Hate up to Your...
  6. Mclenarr

    Morrisseys Letters to his pen pal Just started reading them. They're some class cracks in them! This is my fav: The postcard was a scream - I feel asleep reading it. Is it too late to ignore your Sounds ad?
  7. Mclenarr

    It's International Womens day or something

    Well congratulations to you all, ladies. I can't say i know much about you and you're damnably frustrating and subtle, when you're not making porn vids for us guys but have a good day!
  8. Mclenarr

    The questions that are too trivial to warrant a thread of their own thread

    Does anyone know about this The first solo efforts of Morrissey, made for night-time Radio 1 but not, at the singers request, broadcast?
  9. Mclenarr

    To meat eat or not ot meat eat?

    ignore this thread i was just on a whim!
  10. Mclenarr

    Album sequencing (please don't give me crap about the spelling)

    was just listening to your arsenal and noticed that YTOFMF and S,YSD follow on from each other and i thought that that's not very good track sequencing ...the most frivlous song Moz has written, undoubtedly (against some stiff competition) and the most serious, possibly(against some stiff...
  11. Mclenarr

    What was the last thing you searched this site for

    and if you wanna you can say why and what you found. Vauxhall and I I've been looking for some reviews and discussion
  12. Mclenarr

    Things Moz should write a song about

    It's just come on the news that a couple went to Switzerland to undergo euphenasia together and I just though, as you die by your side. This'd be a subject, a very dark subject that Moz could tackle in the same vein of GIAC and NSAM etc. Anyone got any other ideas for subjects...
  13. Mclenarr

    Fav. Moz anecdotes

    I remember the radio 2 doc about 3/4 years ago they had Preston from the ordinary boys on and he said when he was on Jools Holland the same night as Morrissey he went over and said 'Hi, I'm Preston' and Moz replied 'Yes, I knoh hew yoo r'! It was funny how Preston told it anyway!
  14. Mclenarr

    The whatever happened to thread

    Anyone know what ...Katie Putrick who used to do the Word? I know a could google around but I want the human touch, sorta...
  15. Mclenarr

    I'm not O.K by myself

    so, Moz. is o.k by himself. I'm not! It's my 39th birthday today and i've never had a girlfriend and while not technically a virgin i've certainly never been remotely close to a satisfying sexual experience. So I'm saying being on your own is a major f***in' loada shit...Or is it? Is there...
  16. Mclenarr

    Best and worst songs on albums

    SMITHS Debut Best- Worst- Hatful of hollow- Best- Worst- Meat is murder Best- Worst- Queen is dead Best- Worst- The world won't listen Best- Worst- Strangeways, here we come Best- Worst- Solo Viva hate Best- Worst- Kill uncle Best- Worst- Bona drag Best- Worst- Your Arsenal Best- Worst-...
  17. Mclenarr

    The let's be cynical as hell thread!

    f*** off!! Seasick Steve...Just f*** off you stinking hypocrite! He released an album about how he's just an ordinary guy who, unlike all the rest of us selfish, spoilt, greedy materialist, has got nothing and never had something! f*** off!! Just f*** right off back to you're f***iin' garage...
  18. Mclenarr

    What don't you like about Mozzer?

    I just wish he wasn't a veggie. I just couldn't care less about animals and just think if it wasn't for that I could really have loved him more and not been in and out of him so much esp. since I really stopped buying the albums in the early 90's and got sick of all the racism accusations that...
  19. Mclenarr

    Plod knock on Mozzers door vis a vis MotG

    I remember reading once in these things called weekly music papers that the secret service or whatever they're called paid a visit to Morrissey because of the lyrics to Margaret on the guillotine. Does anyone know anything about this. And if it's true what could the powers that be do about it...
  20. Mclenarr

    Song v song game

    IN case anyone doesn't know You choose the song you like most or think is best and that carries over with another you add etc. etc. etc. Reel around the fountain v How soon is now
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