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  1. sistasheila

    Justin Bieber wearing The Smiths yesterday

    nevermind that kid- actually sth much more i cherished - via The Guardian Trying to meet Cave eye-to-eye in any conversation about his lost son Arthur induces a feeling akin to stage fright. Yet he has been relentlessly upbeat for the shows on this tour so far, as if released of a burden and...
  2. sistasheila

    Berlin meet-up

    @lantern the schöneberger südgelände(which has really rare bird species) i mentioned last in my last post which is very near to the venue (directions in the post from saturday, but maybe you have time tomorrow. are you online, I am online for 13 minutes, on my way to the venue, would like to...
  3. sistasheila

    Berlin meet-up

    ^A bit rude,no? if you didnt mean it that way ,nevermind. well i dont know,i only queued once ,years ago. I dont know of course if thats always the case how it is handled and how crowdy /full Berlin would be(could be??) but on the Topic of "the list" :on the last german date he did i saw , neu...
  4. sistasheila

    Berlin Pre & Aftershow Parties

    i would like to Forward the info about the aftershowparties to the main board, found it strange thats its not there. please davidt or whoever post the info about the morrissey parties there , not everybody reads the Forum ! one Party is today so it would be nice.thanks
  5. sistasheila

    Berlin Pre & Aftershow Parties

    the one on the day of the concert: its 3,6 km away or only a few stops with the U1, in direction Warschauer strasse from U möckernbrücke near tempodrom til U kottbusser tor from where you either walk or take the U8 in direction hermannstrasse til schönleinstrasse and walk a bit see map...
  6. sistasheila

    Berlin meet-up

    (i dont know about meet ups before the gig .....buuuut ....i have a bit of time and like to recommend my lovely town to others so... Im sure a lot of you are queuing, and once you made the list , have a lot of time. what i can recommend as it has been forecast to be sunny,but moderate...
  7. sistasheila

    no private messages anymore?

    its been a while since i ve been here for longer than a Minute and i didnt pm- ed in a Long time. i couldnt find any possibilty to sent a private message to a certain member , "conversations " tool seem to viewed by others?
  8. sistasheila

    TTY: Berlin sold out; photomontage of David Mozhansen by SER

    it actually already sold out the day it did go online -shortly after 10.00 I think around 24th of june if I remember correctly
  9. sistasheila

    David Bowie dies at 69

    quite a beautiful Review i found Before I knew I was a bisexual femme, I knew there was David Bowie. As the kind of little girl who refused to wear pants, only dresses, I worshipped the holy trinity of Disney princesses: Belle, Ariel...
  10. sistasheila

    Anna Calvi to support Morrissey (London, Belgium, more?)

    OMG yes!great voice, amazing stage presence.,great guitar player. thats the first time I am looking forward to a support act. i saw her first on a french tv channel (arte) where they show a recorded concert, was hooked by that voice and mentioned presence. i like her style .sth different...
  11. sistasheila

    "WPINOYB" (Deluxe Version) tracklisting on iTunes/NZ (6 extra songs)

    Morrissey-Deluxe Edition-feat "art hounds","julie in the weeds" etc have discovered a few days ago (i seem to have been really out of a loop) that there is a deluxe edition which features 6 additional songs.on tty as far as i remember it wasnt mentioned...
  12. sistasheila

    Curious discrepancies between the Penguin UK/Putnam US editions of Autobiography

    US version of autobiography censored?? really?
  13. sistasheila

    sig needed:Plea to german party conc. animal rights

    for germans .So anybody german or living in germany . please sign in here. "SPD" has promised before the election to change significant things concering animal rights esp conc factory farming. now after the...
  14. sistasheila

    Perrecy - The german Morrissey if you cant quite remember the songs/live vidos of perrecy. brilliant take on the lyrics . songs to hear songs live...
  15. sistasheila

    "Autobiography" by Morrissey released (Oct 17, 2013 - UK and Europe)

    Re: Article: "Autobiography" by Morrissey released (Oct 17, 2013 - UK and Europe) amazon germany told me the book will be delivered between december-january...what the f... i thought he had a european deal? anybody from europe esp germany encounters the same problems? i first pre-...
  16. sistasheila

    morrissey frink thread!

    the mighty frink thhead on page three? another pic Beverly Hills, having brunch at the Polo Lounge fromwebstagram user @banditraccoon i dont post as much here anymore, also dont going searching for moz pics that much due to internet time being much more limited than the years...
  17. sistasheila

    Morrissey at Soundgarden concert in Los Angeles (Feb. 15, 2013)

    another pic Beverly Hills, having brunch at the Polo Lounge fromwebstagram user @banditraccoon
  18. sistasheila

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    one of the rarer bryan adams shots of morrissey is shown in his exhibition that last til may in düsseldorf i think it was this pic...
  19. sistasheila

    Morrissey to appear on the "Late Show with David Letterman" January 8th 2013

    who else is appearing on the show? i cant view the letterman page. much appreciated,thanks.
  20. sistasheila

    Any Phillip Boa fans on the forum

    i like him , not a big fan to hunt down i cannot help you sorry.tried a boa forum of some kind? saw him in concert in flensburg. a few years ago. ahh good excuse to post some classics musicvideo...
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