irish blood

  1. lavanessa

    For Swap: Irish Blood, English Heart promo 7-inch

    Looking to swap an Irish Blood, English Heart promo 7-inch. I think I acquired this when working at a Virgin Megastore. Never listened to it. Happy to swap for a couple bars of (vegan) dark chocolate, box of tea, pair of earrings etc. We'll figure something out. Thanks for reading.
  2. C

    Threats for Smiths on 1984 Irish tour

    RTE piece on 'Irish Blood, English Heart': Second-Generation Irish Musicians in England Coverage on Phantom FM Sean Cambell interview Mike
  3. zanoni

    Irish Blood English Heart

    Pushing a little harder, a sweet & tender Hooligan mix, Beatkitchen Rotterdam. (for the love of Morrissey)
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