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  • haha! That's just as nuts and obsessive as my actual thesis :)
    I think I'll dance to the Gossip instead of cleaning!
    How are you?
    Hello! I need to write my thesis but I rather clean the house or something.
    LOL yeah, "That's Reaaaaaal Taaaaaaaaaalk, Reaaaaaaaaalk, Reeeeeeeealllllllk Taaaaaalllllllk!" LOL thanks for that; I needed a laugh; been depressed :o(
    Yes we should! Tho it's more of a winter activity here :p. Where are you going on vacation?
    I'm not. It too hot! and I don't get any vacation time. But I wish your summer will last for ever :)
    I love her. I spend the whole day listening to Soviet Kitsch and it reminds me a lot of Joni. I bet Regina loves her too!
    no, the dog in my avatar is guilty of e-fame, and I'm pretty sure it was Byshe that added the crown, but it's been a while. the dog's favorite song is the Pet Shop Boys "Flamboyant".
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what's your url?

    i deleted most of my friends off there lol (i had 3,000+)

    i now have 27! lol
    Funny you should say. Not to desecrate Rob's legacy and all because my heart is also torn asunder, but have you ever really contemplated the lyrics of "Blame It On the Rain"? I got caught cheating. I couldn't help myself. I gotta blame it on something. Hell naw, I ain't blamin' myself...I'm blaming it on the rain. I'm blaming it on the stars. "Whatever you do...don't put the blame on you...blame it on the rain...yeah yeah." It's a masterpiece.
    As previously mentioned, I'm still grieving over the loss of Rob Pilatus, but I think I'll...manage. You?
    me too, when I was a kid :thumb: so much so that I basically memorized this really old copy of:

    by like the time I was 12 :o I think my copy was 2nd or 3rd edition though :confused:
    meaning its time to catch up! :eek:
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