The Festival Thread!


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Now when it's four months still we can experience degrees over 1 C it's timne to bring the summer alive by talking about every summers highlight, fesitvals!

What's your experiences?

A selection of my favouries:
Watching Babyshambles (this summer) and Doherty is totally stoned so he arrives one hour late and is so stoned that he falls off the stage and is arrested when leaving the stage.

Almost passing out on a Looptroop concert cause there were far too many people and I were in the fron (30 people were dragged over:rolleyes: ).

Visiting different tents at random whilst singing "Piccadilly Palare".

Painting with ice cream on a pink elephant.

Dressing in plastic bags and hunt each other with sticks and see if we could get in to the stage area.

Create a camp with roof and everything (six tents) and name in "Camp Dålig Stil" (Camp Bad Style) and by many kilos of olives and throw everything on the ground afterwards.

Watching a terribly drunk friend dressed in underwear and a flag climbing over a fence and into a swamp (i.e. meadow were many people have peed) to pick up a ball that he borrowed from people that you normally wouldn't even borrow some sugar from.

So what's your memories or have you totally missed all this.
And if you're all nice maybe I'll share som more:)


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Oh, please tell more! I've never been to one of those festivals (except here in Israel, which can hardly be compared because they don't contain foreign bands) and always wanted to go :( . I was thinking of going next summer but thought I may be too old (I'm 27, and here the festivals are usually full of 15-16 year olds :mad: ). What's the age range in Europe?


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The age range is from 12-13 to 50-60 years old.
At campings, you often see people younger than 30. But when you just look at the visitors, they're a lot of older people.

Here, people have this idea that a festival is just for drinking drinking sex drinking etc. Sometimes the majority never leave their tents! (there are almost 4-5 important festivals here in Belgium)
I don't really like festivals because of the fuss, but still it's great to sometimes see lots of your festivals programmed on one day!


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As Wolve said, people are from 17-50, half their just to have the camp as a drinking sanctuary and half there for the music. Me myself are there are there fro the music allthough so much other crazy things happens all the time. You should certainly try it out, be a group of friends and go to a large one like Rock In Rio or Roskilde.

No one who got any experiences?:(


I'm not very keen on outdoor music festivals and has been to very few.
This summer I went to Ben and Jerry's summer sundae at Clapham Commons(south London).
It's very cheap, £5 per person, unlmited ice creams and music!
Tickets are only available online, but we saw touts selling ticket £25.:mad:
I got a nasty cold from Chiampino Airport when waiting for a plane to catch in previous weekend, I couldn't eat ice cream much.:o

The line up were Badly Drawn Boy, Echo and the Bunnymen, Larrikin Love, The Pippets and Liam Frost.
It's very bizarre to watch Echo and the Bunnymen in family freindly festival, but their set was the best.
Badly Drawn Boy isn't usually very good playing live, but it's ok.
We definitely go next year again.
It's chaep and very good weekend outing.:cool:


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Yeah there's a lot of different festivals, URF for example. Soft music and no fights and REALLy crazy things. Many junkies however who feels it's necessary to smoke marijuana so that the cops are all over the place and the politicians demanding to have the whole festivals shut down. Just because it's much reggae they feel like they've got to and the risking their whole lives and the whole fest,ival:mad: .
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