I'm Playing Easy To Get

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Name I'm Playing Easy To Get
Album/single Unreleased
Length 3:10
Writer/composer Morrissey / Boz Boorer
Producer Jerry Finn
Recorded December 09 2004


From the hipsterdisco YouTube post:

REMASTERED AUDIO. {Unreleased} from 'Aunty', Recorded on the 9th December 2004 For the 'Janice Long show' & Radio broadcasted on December 17th 2004, but never officially released.

Morrissey Quote: ' it was recorded, but not very well, So we hid it ~ Although my experience is, That nothing can ever be hidden ! '.

{Information Gratefully unearthed with permission at http://www.passionsjustlikemine.com/ Stephane Daigle's Consummate Mecca for everything Morrissey}


Don't dig for a metaphor
Has it not twigged with you yet?
And don't wonder why I'm still around
I'm just playing easy to get

Don't dig for a secondary meaning
At worse you might just find a first
And don't wonder why I'm standing over here
I'm just playing easy to get

Do I have to drop anchor like a sailor
To switch on the bulb in your head?
Do not frisk me, silence is your answer
I'm just playing easy to get

I'm so easy - maybe you've had me?
If you had then you would not forget
When you see me between Cole and Cahuenga
I'm just plain desperate

So don't waste time
Trying to get to know me
I'm yours...
I'm yours...

And don't waste time
With snappy conversation
I'm yours...
Everyone knows, I'm yours

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