Do we really need a Morrissey biopic right now? His England is not ours-Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian

Do we really need a Morrissey biopic right now? His England is not ours - The Guardian
by Rachel Aroesti

Blurb: "The upcoming Morrissey film, England Is Mine, is poorly timed – the Smiths frontman’s politics are questionable and his strops are silly ... but what’s worse is he’s lost his outsider status"

Excerpt: "It’s not just because the most notable thing about his last artistic pursuit – debut novel List of the Lost – was that it sparked a nationwide competition to see who could hate a book the most. It’s not even a direct result of his recent stream of uncomfortable comments – although calling Brexit “magnificent” and accusing the government of hushing up Islamic extremism makes it increasingly difficult for fans to excuse his questionable politics. From his paranoid claim that HMV are trying to sabotage sales of Smiths reissues, to dog-whistle views that give a different meaning to the title England Is Mine, each week seems to bring a bizarre new missive that makes it harder and harder to justify the hero worship Morrissey has long enjoyed.

It’s not even the spine-chilling words “I like Nigel Farage a great deal,” (so said by Morrissey to Loaded magazine, of all places) that are the final nail in the coffin – after all, surely every fan had doubts about Morrissey’s empathy and political correctness. Instead, something else has soured the charm of a film celebrating the life and work of the universe’s sad-lad-in-chief."
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its not me its you.
unless you agree with these people then you your f***ed coz theyv got the compliant media on their side.


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At the exact moment when I read "white man" I stop reading an article. I don't like being treated as a brainless reader who needs to prove herself she is progressive and cool. And at that same exact moment I try to analyze if the author fits in one of this two categories: "stupid hater" or "sly media mercenary". It depends if the person seems to know s/he is contributing to spread hate to divide the community s/he integrates and don't care about it because is being paid lots of money for the job. Eventually, stupid haters transform themselves into sly mercenaries. That's an improvement in wits but at the same time a huge moral devaluation. I hope it's not too later for this one. There's an opportunity for stupid haters.


The film delineates events in the late 1970s and early 80s. The England that made Morrissey. So no. it's the England before Rachel was born...but all the things M sings about remain permanent over the generations. That's the beauty of The Smiths.


Morrissey being a bigot is not some new revelation, but it is interesting to watch certain elements of Morrissey's fan-base complain about their cultural status, and become the cliche.

Let's be honest, Morrissey is about as white-bread of an artist that you will find, and with that comes a lot of resentment from his fans any time he is questioned about his cultural/politcal commentary. As Morrissey's fanbase ages and isn't replaced with youth, you're witnessing the resentment that typically occurs with every older generation.

I don't know what it is about British pop-stars, but the racism, and prejudice that has come out of their mouths since the seventies is disturbing. Eric Clapton, Morrissey, Johnny Rotten, Mark E. Smith, and so on. I'm sure I missing many more. Something's in the water, and it's not fluoride.

When I see the absurdity of the remarks on this site I start to believe that both America, and Britain needs more immigrants to replace the rotting corpse that is white resentment. This is what happens when flippant, myopic comments become more interesting than anything you're creating.

Morrissey is even too much of a coward to state these things through his own platform. He franchises it out to his underlings, and let's them deal with the slew of comments that come their way.

I never thought it would end like this for him. Thank God Johnny's left to secure some dignity for The Smiths' legacy.


The Farage fellating wasn't even his worst, and most revealing endorsement.

The Le Pen endorsement pretty much summed up what he is thinking deep down, but too timid to express whole-heartedly. Some fans just can't accept who Morrissey is. They project themselves on to him.

The worst part about all of this is that he made the band Corner Shop look like prophets.

I'll never forgive him for that.

Do you know who I am?

Your mom needs a Morrissey biopic right now.

A Morrissey bro. Hilarious. This is just what Morrissey needs to shed the fey, effeminate stereotype that he's been associated with throughout his career.

You've done what Farage, and Le Pen couldn't.

Dude, take a bow.


Amusing to see the latest Guardian meltdown over Mozzer. You're really only shadowboxing until you've made posh liberals hate you.


It's all good
Amusing to see the latest Guardian meltdown over Mozzer. You're really only shadowboxing until you've made posh liberals hate you.
Quite apart form the ludicrous reasoning, why don't you you go ahead and name some of the other artists that 'posh liberals' hate, with sources please. It will be fun to compare.

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This person really should read this site. They don't seem to be aware of #ParisForProft or the contrast between Morrissey's views on the Manchester bombing and the Norway slaughter.
I think the article is well written, clever, and funny and if you can't laugh at Trollissey's absurd views you must not a sense of humor.
This author isn't trying to destroy Morrissey. He's done a very good job of that himself.
england is mine movie

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