One of the most ridiculous things I've come across

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Depeche Mode songs in a "Lullaby" type sound. To me it sounds like music you'd hear on a carousel.

1. Personal Jesus
2. Enjoy The Silence
3. Policy Of Truth
4. Never Let Me Down Again
5. Strangelove
6. Stripped
7. Walking In My Shoes
8. A Question Of Lust
9. A Question Of Time
10. Behind The Wheel
11. I Feel You
12. World In My Eyes
13. People Are People
14. Dream On
15. Everything Counts
16. New Life
17. Shake The Disease
18. See You
19. It's No Good



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i dunno if it's by the same people, but i have The Cure and Metallica's "lullaby" cds. The Cure i thought would be good for sampling, Metallica's i downloaded just because i like to piss off Lars. basically they re-recorded the songs in a slower tempo with instruments like toy pianos, glockenspeils, xylophones etc. pretty well done for what it is

surprisingly (or not?) they're both very nice to listen to whilst taking a nap :guitar::sleeping:

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