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    Santa Ana possibly canceled?

    That's PAWS statement above. There was a little more at the end but it was over the 10000 limit. Morrissey not helping himself again. Who is his tour manager?
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    Santa Ana possibly canceled?

    "So, in light of unexpected media attention, please allow us to explain what happened to us earlier today. It might be a little long, but we appreciate your patience as we feel it needs to be said. Early this afternoon (Thursday May 8th) as we were travelling from San Francisco to Santa Ana to...
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    Charles Dickens as Morrissey

    Here's a photo from the set, as posted on Twitter by actor John Grant. He said "Dickensian answer to Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. This time the stench of Oldman lingered in the air."
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    Charles Dickens as Morrissey

    Apologies if this had been mentioned already but the next series of Horrible Histories will feature Charles Dickens as Morrissey. It will also feature Joan of Arc as Jessie J and a Rosa Parks Motown tune. Previous series have featured Charles Darwin doing David Bowie, Cleopatra being Lady...
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    Simon Goddard to appear on "Breakfast with The Smiths" radio show on Indie 103 (Sep. 11)

    I thought that it was a good show. Always nice to hear someone else's random mix of Morrissey/Smiths tracks. Good chat with Simon, considering he was rather jetlagged, although the show needed a couple of edits because the unedited version was aired, warts and all.
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    Craig Gannon on his time with The Smiths - Mojo

    I posted it on the Forum on 14 August and it didn't appear on MorrisseysWorld until 24 August. As a subscriber to Mojo I receive my copy of the magazine before it hits the shops and I posted it on the forum the day I received the magazine.
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    Craig Gannon in Mojo

    Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere on site but I can't see it. Craig Gannon is featured in this month's Mojo magazine (Noel Gallagher on the cover) talking about his arrival and departure from The Smiths in the "Hello Goodbye" feature on page 146.
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    Morrissey: Norway massacre is "nothing" compared to the actions of fast food chains

    Re: Article: Morrissey: Norway massacre is "nothing" compared to the actions of fast I posted the article and made the comment, which I stand by. "The original remarks" are NOT "classic Morrissey". There's no wit in what he said and using the Norway killings is the worst form of...
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    Aidan Moffat on Morrissey/The Smiths

    From @AidanJohnMoffat on Twitter today: "Just read about Morrissey. Oh dear. I've always thought he was a prick and The Smiths are the most overrated band in history. f***ing idiot." Overrated? Get a life. And a shave.
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    Morrissey: Norway massacre is "nothing" compared to the actions of fast food chains

    Once again he shoots himself in the foot. Morrissey: 'Norway Attacks Nothing Compared To Actions Of Fast Good Giants' - Gigwise He claims... Morrissey has courted criticism after he reportedly compared the actions of fast food companies to the recent attacks in Norway. At least 76 people...
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    Morrissey on Norway Massacre/Fast Food Companies - Bigmmouth Strikes Again

    Once again he shoots himself in the foot.
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    have we all met a w****r on tour upto now?

    The security at Dunfermline Alhambra.
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    Back To The Old House - The Smiths' Scottish Tour 1985

    Their album Contenders is high;y recommended. I also loved their first 12", an EP called In Our Own Hands, but it's long deleted and the tracks are unavailable.
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    Dunfermline, Scotland - Alhambra Theatre (June 20, 2011) post-show

    I have to laugh at the review of monday's Morrissey gig in this week's Dunfermline Press. "Others with a more expert ear, or John Kerr from 96 Tears, reckoned the band weren't so hot but no-one complained after a near 90 minute performance" Firstly, it was more like 80 minutes and secondly...
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