GHelsinki gig got great review


Moz. Er?

Finland's biggest tabloid - Ilta-Sanomat - gave Morrissey's Helsinki Concert an excellent rating. The tabloid has million daily readers, Finland's population is 5 million.

Review stated that the once thought to be miserable-intellectual is infact a musical and comical genius. Reviewer said that Morrissey's talk between songs was a great stand-up-comedy material. He liked the concert very much and noticed that couple of Smiths/Morrissey hits sent the audience into total euphoria/madness. Reviewer continued that Morrissey had a huge charisma and on-stage presence that sends shivers down the spine. He said that the audience was good, and Morrissey was great.

There was also a small column about Morrissey in the same paper. The headline was "Morrissey always disappoints. He went to Scotland (?) but the show was cancelled on the same day. Then he was disappointed with Morrisseys lacklustre performance at Helsinki in 1997. So, he was waiting for a disappointment 4/4/06, but the disappointment never came; instead he got an amazing Morrissey concert where Morrissey was in his best form - witty, chatty and passionate. He continued and said that Morrissey is in his finest form in his career - everything he was supposed to be in the Smiths but he never was - He is now. Then he compared Morrissey fans with Iron Maiden fans, saying that these are the only fans in the world who will defend their idol(s) whatever they do and both set of fans are passionate.
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