Alain Whyte: "Life Is A Pigsty" - Safe At Home Sessions (May 22, 2020)


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Ringleader was the first "new" Morrissey album to be released after I became a die-hard Morrissey fan in the early '00s. Although I now rate it as one of Morrissey's weaker albums and hardly ever listen to it, I can't express how much I loved it back then, and it was mainly because of this song which I listened to over and over again.

I should revisit Ringleader - It is also one of my favorite albums - but I have not listened to it in a very long time... I wonder how it's aged

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the weird production on ROTT always added to it IMHO. It has some low points, but it's highs are better than anything else post-comeback.


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Come on mix swallow your pride and make an acoustic album with Alain .... and Boz too

This actually isn't a bad idea, even Morrissey's haters would grudgingly admit he is awesome when he is performing. So why not release a selection of acoustic Youtube videos with Alan and other band members past or present with a hint that a acoustic album would be released once everyone can get into a studio. The cost of the whole project would probably be minimal and I personally would buy it to hear studio acoustic versions of his songs especially if he sang the odd more obscure track

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the weird thing about Morrissey is that he's never really done an ACOUSTIC set in any way. There has been odd flashes - stuff like Cosmic Dancer and such, but his band have never done an unplugged sort of thing. Pretty much any artist of note I can think of has acoustic versions of songs, why not Moz?

FWIW, I like Alain's version of this song. He sings a bit awkwardly in moments trying to make the guitar and vocal melody fit together but he wrote the music so, frankly, he can do what he f***ing likes

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